Sunday, March 22, 2009

Daddy's Home!

Molly was so glad to have Daddy back home after two trips away. And Daddy was glad to see his girl. Molly Monkey Girl.....Phil & Priscilla got this shirt for our monkey girl. Thanks, guys!

March Madness!

Molly has gone from loving her stroller and walks to having full fledged temper tantrums when I put her in it. It's been that way for the past 3 days. Anybody have any suggestions??

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling!

Cousins Jerome & Linda sent me my special St. Patrick's Day Shirt! Thanks, Molly sure looked cute in it!

Grandma's Kitchen

The windows in Grandma's kitchen are just the right height for Molly to look out of.

Annie Kisses

Molly adores her cousin Annie and Annie loves Molly!

Monday, March 16, 2009

My New (to me) Swing Set

Grandma's good friend Mindy Householder offered Molly their swing set, so Papa and Daddy and all of the surrogate Papa's went over Saturday and took it apart and reassembled it. Thanks to Papa & Grandma, Dave Colgrove, Jim Meissert, Dave Minshall & Phil Rhoades for all of their hard work and to Karen Colgrove for fixing such a super lunch. You all are the best!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Story of a Stroll

Molly is loving the tease of the warm spring days and going for strolls. She starts out awake.

And then goes to sleep!

And then wakes up so happy after being in the sunshine.

Thanks Grandpa Joe & Miss Jackie

Molly looks so cute in this outfit you all gave to her!

Visiting Great-Grandma

Molly loves visiting her great grandma Zumsteg and GGma loves showing her off!


Here's our pretty little centerfold. I am so loving being a SAHM and so grateful to Joe for making that possible. Molly is the light of our lives and waking up with that sweet little face next to mine is the best ever!

Grandpa Hank

Molly is getting on all fours and rocking. Trying to figure this crawling this out!

And here she is just looking as cute as all get out!

Grandpa Hank came to Kansas City for a quick visit and Molly was so happy to get to have a visit with him. Looks like he was pretty happy too.

More Molly Updates

I'm loving my jumperoo. Look out cousin Brady!

Molly is making the "baa baa" sound. Papa insists that she is saying Papa....

She loves books and being read to.

And loves her teething biscuits

She has sitting up mastered. She's very strong and loves to pull up into a standing position

Here she is having tummy time. She'll be crawling before we know it.

Catching Up

Sorry we have been so long in posting updates here to the blog. Grandma was gone on vacation and we upload and post from her computer!

Here's Molly in her high chair. Thanks so much Uncle Sonny, Aunt Janet, Cody, Missy, Derek & Andee. She loves it!

But then, she also loves chewing on her toes!!

Here is daddy & his little Valentine girl, and a shot on one of our walks on the warm days.