Monday, December 29, 2008

Molly's First Christmas

What a great first Christmas it was! We went to Uncle Jay's on Christmas Eve and then to Mom & Dad's on Christmas morning. Molly sat in her jumperoo and watched all the unwrapping.
She is so fascinated by her Papa, especially when he sings or plays music to her.
She received so many lovely presents from so many folks! Thank you all so much.
On the Saturday after Christmas, Molly rolled over from her back to her tummy and then rolled back onto her back. No stopping her now!

A Great-Grand Christmas

Here is Molly with both of her great-grandma's on her first Christmas. What a lucky little girl to have two great ladies in her life.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Week Before Christmas

We've been really busy in the days leading up to Christmas. Here is Molly rocking around our Christmas tree!

We all went to Isobel's school program. She and the rest of her school sang carols at the Bass Pro Shop. Here's Molly and Daddy watching the show.

Then we went to lunch with Grandma and Papa at the Cracker Barrell.

Molly has started belly laughing outloud when we blow on her tummy. And she has discovered her feet.

One day when Gracie was walking past, Molly reached out to her and then Gracie put her paw up to her.

My friend Megan and Rhys came to see us last Saturday.

Molly rolled over the first time on 12/18. Now there is no stopping her she loves rolling over!

She and I went to Grandma's on the 23rd to make Christmas cookies with Isobel and Annie. She decided to take a snooze.

This little yellow outfit is so cute on her. Grandpa Joe and Ms. Jackie sent it to her.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Santa Baby

We get a Christmas pj shot of the three cousins. Going to have to try the group shot one more time!

The Greatest Present Ever

On my birthday last year, I had Isobel draw a special book for my Dad and Mom to tell them our big news. This year I realize what a difference a year makes. I had no idea how much we would love and adore our little Molly Jayne.

Cockadoodle Doo!

Auntie Carina made this adorable appliqued outfit for me! I love my Auntie Carina!!

Rock Chalk Jayhawk

Daddy, Molly and Gracie cheered on the Jayhawks to victory against the Tigers. Daddy was pretty excited!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

More Pictures From Thanksgiving

Linda just sent her pictures from Thanksgiving day and they were too good not to share here. As you can see we all played "pass the baby".

Here is Molly with cousin Jerome and Linda.

Then Aunt Dorene had a turn.

And finally, the weather was so pretty Thanksgiving Day, we took some pictures outside. Here are the Dads with their little girls.

Hope you all had a wonderful turkey day!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Things We're Thankful For

What a wonderful Thanksgiving! We realize this year just how very thankful we are with Molly Jayne in our lives.

Joe's brother John flew in on Tuesday and then Wednesday, Jay, Tammy, Rachel, Phil and Grandma Jean joined us for Thanksgiving.

On Thursday we went to Mom & Dad's and John and Grandma Jean were with us. It is so good to take time to realize just how many wonderful people we have in our lives.

Adventures At The Mall

One day last week, Mommy & Daddy and Molly went to the mall! This was her first time in her stroller. Thanks, Grandma & Papa, she loves it!!

And while at the mall, much to her delight, Santa Claus appeared. And since she only had 3 months of track time, she definitely is on the "nice" list.

Playing Catch Up!!

Sorry we've been away from Mom's computer for so long, but here are some new pictures. She is just growing so much. Chewing like crazy and I can see two little bottom teeth trying to push through.

She still adores her bath and naked time.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Molly is Three Months Old

Molly turned 3 months on the 11th and she is doing amazing. She coos and talks and laughs outloud and kicks her feet with delight. She weighs 12 pounds. She has found her thumb and loves it dearly.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Play Date With Ava

Mom took one of her best girlfriends to her Doctor's appointment today and Molly & I met them with her daughter Stacie and granddaugther Ava at the Cheesecake Factory. I think Molly & Ava will be girlfriends just like their grandma's!

Priscilla, you look amazing! I love seeing the relationship between you and Mom and just know that the two of you can kick anything that comes your way! Ava & Molly will inherit that strength that the BK girls have, I know!