Monday, September 27, 2010

Friends at school


Annie, Molly and I went to see grams yesterday, we had a great time. And Annie will always remember, "the teeth." oh how we all laughed. :)

UNplaza art fair

Carina and I took the littles to the plaza art fair. Molly was more interested in running free then the art. silly little.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


One of Molly's besties is kieran, we always have so much fun together. Play dates used to be a regular thing with us, before i became a working mama. Yesterday, however, school was out and we made up for lost time. We started out doing storytime at the library, then we took a trolley ride around the square in independence. Stopping at an old train depot for lunch, and photos in an old stage coach. We also shared a malt at clinton, which is the soda shop Harry Truman worked in as a boy. It was a fantastic time!!

Happy Fall!!!

Fire Station

Our school went on a field trip to the fire station earlier this week. Molly learned to,"stop, drop and roll." Plus she got to tour the fire truck.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Mama and Molly =LOVE

A friend was telling me about a psychic on FB that answers past life questions for free. So i asked what my relationship with Molly was in the past. (let me add i do not go around thinking what psychics say are fact, but it was interesting none the less)
here was her response:
You and she were identical twins in three lifetimes. That is very rare. I would encourage you to read about the mythology of the astrological sign Gemini (the twins), you will ...find it interesting. She needed you to come to earth first this time so that you could pave the way for some of her advanced knowledge. You know how to smooth rough edges when it comes to relationships, and she will draw on that quality. You both need time near the water. Does she have problems with her left leg or ankle? Just be on the lookout for that

ya ya's with grandpa hank

We had a great time at dinner with granpa hank. Molly was her usual charming self. She knew grandpa hank righ away even though it had been awhile. She insisted on wearing the pink cowgirl boots he bought her.

Spelling girl!!!

My heart BURST

I have mentioned many times just how much I LOVE sleeping with our sweet girl. She now wakes me by saying, "i love you sooooooooooooooo much!"
Here is her wake up face. SO SWEET.

Baby Jackson turns 1

We had a great time at Jackson's birthday party. Molly is totally smitten with Jay the great, and he her.
She also got to meet her other great uncle, jerry, from california. And of course nothing beats snuggles from grandma jean.

2 year pictures

Thanks auntie carina for taking these sweet 2 year pix of molly.

Grams turns 90

My sweet grandma turned 90 on saturday, we all got together to celebrate this amazing lady! Molly decided she need to blow out the candle for grams. silly girl.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tutu Cute!!!

many personalities of Molly

Molly is so well versed. She loves putting on her cowgirl hat and riding her hourse, along with looking cute in a jayhawk shirt of Daddy's to cheer the team. And don't forget the accesories. And, yes, this was all done in one day, silly girl.

Saturday, September 4, 2010