Saturday, July 30, 2011

Molly's 3 year pictures

What better place to "try" to get Molly's 3 years photos?! Molly does not pose, it is more of a catch me if you can game.... :)


The littles made a song called, "best day ever..." it was so fitting and we sang it every day on out trip. Here is Molly singing...then annie sings her yoga song, but look in the left corner as molly disappears into the bubbles. They had so much fun taking bubble baths.

Surfer Girl

When we first arrived to the beach Molly was overwhelmed with the vastness of the ocean. The first few days she only wanted to be on the sand, but she warmed up quickly. Surfing and boogie boarding or "belly" boarding as molly called it became fast favorites. Along with me carrying her out and letting the waves "smack our booty's," she would sequel in delight.

Family pictures, beach style

We took sunrise beach pictures. :)

Friday, July 22, 2011


We had such a fantastic time in Texas, hands down our favorite was the ocean, and of course being together. We did try to do the beach early then again late day to avoid peak sun time. Molly also enjoyed moody garden... the texas albums will be a hodge podge of great times!

photo shoot

Molly and I attempted a photo shoot while in Galveston. Molly was a moving target, but Carina did an excellant job! :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Road trip!!

Off we went to Texas, and Molly did a fantastic job riding in the car. I did bring out the DVD player around Wichita with a special new movie for her, the chipmunks. She is in love with them, this is her first obsession. :) Check out the hands on her face as she is watching, or should i say "swooning."
First night we spent in Oklahoma, we stretched our legs at the local park and had ice cream. The next night we made it to Corsicana, Molly noted, "this can not be Texas, I do not see seashells?! (after all we were beach bound)
Molly helped grandpa with luggage by riding on the valet, silly girl.


Father's Day

Molly is a lucky little girl, she has 3 amazing men in her life.
Makes me happy to see the love she gets from them all.