Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Week Before Christmas

We've been really busy in the days leading up to Christmas. Here is Molly rocking around our Christmas tree!

We all went to Isobel's school program. She and the rest of her school sang carols at the Bass Pro Shop. Here's Molly and Daddy watching the show.

Then we went to lunch with Grandma and Papa at the Cracker Barrell.

Molly has started belly laughing outloud when we blow on her tummy. And she has discovered her feet.

One day when Gracie was walking past, Molly reached out to her and then Gracie put her paw up to her.

My friend Megan and Rhys came to see us last Saturday.

Molly rolled over the first time on 12/18. Now there is no stopping her she loves rolling over!

She and I went to Grandma's on the 23rd to make Christmas cookies with Isobel and Annie. She decided to take a snooze.

This little yellow outfit is so cute on her. Grandpa Joe and Ms. Jackie sent it to her.