Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Please send get well wishes~

Our sweet Molly girl is not doing too well. On Monday evening she had a low grade fever. I thought it might be part of teething, she was really restless and just wanted cuddles and to nurse. Tuesday mid morning her temp got up to 103, doctors say little ones can reach 105 with out it being a concern, but when it is your babe you get concerned. We did take her into her pediatrician that afternoon, and everything 'looked,' good. So she does have some kind of virus, it is just unknown as to what. Today we are still cuddling, nursing and napping...but still a fever. If the fever remains tomorrow the doc wants to do blood work and a catheter. Through all of this, she still gives us her smiles, and giggles...but it is hard to see your little one feel so crummy.

****update**** 6/5
We decided not to go to the doctor, we are pretty certain she has the stomach flu. Being as their is not much a doctor can do for the flu, we are staying home and keeping her as comfy as possible.