Monday, November 30, 2009


Molly is finally saying, "mama." It just warms my heart! Yesterday, when she woke up she looked at me and said "happy, mama," boy was i ever. My heart just grows more and more everyday. She is learning so many new words. Joe and I are so impressed with her. Of course we are talking with her all day long, so it really is no surprise. She can tell you and show you where her hair and bow is, along with eyes, ears, mouth, nose, chin, teeth, tongue, arms, fingers (complete with finger wiggle) knees, feet, tummy/belly and toes. She can also identify and tell you what she sees in books. Cheetah, dog, cow, duck, tree, apple, moon, baby, bowl and cup. She is pretty much a little parrot. No more HBO in front of her. :)
And poop....which she loves to say often. Sometimes she is telling me what is about to happen, but more times then not...she is just saying it. Funny girl. We love her so.