Saturday, December 5, 2009


My Beautiful family, I love them.
This picture cracks me up, you can not tell, but she is cheesing at herself with a hat on looking in a mirror. Silly girl!

Today i turn 35. I had a friend send me an email, she said "may all your wishes come true." I told her they already had. I am so thrilled with where i am in my life. i have a wonderful husband, that is a fantastic daddy. And we are so lucky to have such a sweet, healthy, beautiful little girl. She is our really other then world peace and a healthy planet what more do i need? ok a money tree might be nice. :) if you know where we could get one of those.
Last night Nathan and Carina hosted the family for a birthday dinner. It was wonderful to be with the family. Tonight Joe and I went out for dinner. This is the first time we went to dinner without Molly. She stayed with Grandma and papa for a few hours. We all had a wonderful time!