Saturday, January 16, 2010

A day in the life of Molly

Molly woke up this morning eager to look at her books. I love watching her do this, but this morning instead of Molly asking me to read it to her, she read it to me! It was her book of opposites, she was looking at the pages and, hot/cold.

We then went the grocery store. It had been almost a month since she has gone with me. What a difference a month makes! I was cracking up as we were going through the store she knew what everything was...milk, eggs, o's (cereal) crackers, pizza, apples, banana's, turkey, yogurt (egurt) ...and wanted "some and taste!" she really didn't understand that you can't just eat it right then and there. :)
Later when we got home she spilt some of her water. She then walked into the kitchen, got in the towel basket came back and dried it up. I just watched, eyes open, man she is cool.