Saturday, February 27, 2010


Molly is doing so many cute things i must write them down, and since this blog acts as her baby book i will post mollyisms on a regular bases.
*Last week we were driving home from my parents, we take a back country road that has several big rocks/boulders. From the back seat Molly exclaimed, "mountains!!!" joe and i cracked up!
*Molly loves to stand in her high chair, we explain it is dangerous and she needs to sit, but today when she stood, she looked right at me and said,'naughty.' We have *never* called Molly naughty, but we have said that about the dog, funny how she puts this together.
*speaking of putting things together she understands grouping of families. she will often ask for any given member of my brothers family, then she says the rest of them. Example, molly will say, "carina," then she will start naming the rest, "nafin, bel, annie..." and she knows "grandma and papa," go together. In fact my parents were in Texas last month and she would say "grandma/papa, Texas." or grandma/papa, toys, since they have a big toy room for the girls.
*Molly is also saying her name, Molly Jayne Rhea, never the whole thing at once. She also knows our names, last night saying Joe and Jenny...then she said,'daddy, Joe Rhea."
*Molly is turning into a HAM, she loves to get her picture taken, but she never sits still for it, being as it is a digital camera she immediately wants to see it, so i am shooting at a moving target.
*This morning molly hands me a play phone and says "for you..." when i say who is it? she says "grandma!"
*We have gotten into sing *jammin* by bob marley while we put pajamas it is so cute to hear her sing bob marley, she also sings twinkle twinkle and patty cake...
*Molly has learned the power of "please," and says it when ever she wants something it is so adorable, unless it is something she can not have, because she does not understand why she can not have something, especially if she says,"please." Which brings me to the word, "no" we try to limit that word with Molly, we say "danger," or "not a good choice." ( i can email info on limiting no with littles if anyone is interested. ) back to my point, Molly has heard, "no" and loves to say it with a slow southern drawl. "noooooooooooooo" silly monkey.
* Have i mentioned the ham part?? Silly girl is very dramatic and will fake a cry and say, "mirror?" just so she can see her silly face.
This is just a snap shot, i can not think of everything, but it is amazing how her little mind is going nonstop! Molly is such a joy, we love watching her grow and learn.