Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday with the Crawfords

Today we went over to Grandma Jean's for family time, and pizza. :) Last time we were at Grandma's house she made a pizza, which is one of Molly's favorite foods. Now anytime we talk about grandma jean, molly says, "pizza," like they go hand and hand. Jay, Tammy, Rach, Phil and baby jackson were also at grandma's house. It was wonderful to see everyone, Molly adores her uncle jay, when he went outside she cried and asked for Jay, so sweet.
Molly was also smitten with baby jackson, we have a picture of him on our refrigerator that she carries around and she has named her baby doll jackson, but seeing him today she was in awe.
Doesn't molly look adorable with her minnie mouse? Joe brought it back form his Orlando trip.