Sunday, May 23, 2010

Next Phase

I am so grateful that i have been a stay at home mama for the past 21 months. Joe has worked so hard to make this happen. I know, hands down this has been to absolute best choice for molly and i. She is so smart, happy and super healthy, and has a solid secure foundation. She knows that her mama and daddy are there for her, and that she is our number 1 priority.
As they say, though, 'shit happens.' It is has, snowball effect. Cliff note version is Joe got laid off, after 2 of his paychecks have bounced, and clearly no schools in session for summer. With this i have decided that i must go to work. I am starting tomorrow at Global Montessori on the plaza. I am starting as a part time sub, but i have told them to work me as much as they need me with the intent of full time employment. The silver lining is that Molly will be attending at this fantastic school as soon as they have an opening. In the meantime, Joe and grandma are on deck. I know molly will do great with them. I am certain she will do better then me, but this is what i have to do. Joe is looking very hard and hopefully, something will work out for him quickly. Please think of us all as we enter this new phase.