Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My childhood is filled with many many wonderful memories of family float trips. I jumped at the chance for Molly to experience a family camping trip, it was a bummer it was not everyone, but Grandma and Papa took the littles and myself. The Meisserts meet us at the river. The girls had a wonderful time! We played in the beautiful cool, clear river. Splashing about and skipping rocks. Grandma also made sure the girls had bubbles, tea parties and art supplies.
Molly loved waking up seeing her cousins, then the girls would run into grandma and papa's bedroom and hopped in bed with them, giggling as they climbed in. We also went the fish hatchery to feed the fish and went to the "waterfall" to watch the folks fish, along with a trip to the nature center.
I must admit i never know just how hard camping with a little one was. Sweet molly did everything she could to keep up with her cousins. This lead to many falls, and a few bumps and bruises. But she kept going! until she crashed in bed at night time.
We all had a wonderful trip~