Monday, September 13, 2010

Mama and Molly =LOVE

A friend was telling me about a psychic on FB that answers past life questions for free. So i asked what my relationship with Molly was in the past. (let me add i do not go around thinking what psychics say are fact, but it was interesting none the less)
here was her response:
You and she were identical twins in three lifetimes. That is very rare. I would encourage you to read about the mythology of the astrological sign Gemini (the twins), you will ...find it interesting. She needed you to come to earth first this time so that you could pave the way for some of her advanced knowledge. You know how to smooth rough edges when it comes to relationships, and she will draw on that quality. You both need time near the water. Does she have problems with her left leg or ankle? Just be on the lookout for that