Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Sweet Grams

My dear sweet grams passed away this week. She was truly an amazing woman, friend and grandma. As most of you know we had a very special relationship. I was with her holding her hand as she passed. Yesterday, was her funeral. It was a beautiful fall day in the country where she grew up. I was entranced as i watched the clouds and leaves falling from the trees. I know she is with me, in my heart, and memories...and as i learned a few days ago, she is still teaching me lessons. Everyone that knew my grams loved her. As far back as i can remember she would take me to the family cemetery and we would decorate the graves with flowers. When I was 5 or so she said to me, "will you come put out flowersfor me?" i said, "sure grandma, but someone will have to drive me." How lucky for me, that it would be 30 years later... I have so many fantastic memories of my grams. I will be telling Molly stories of her grams for the rest of my life. Molly was also very important to grams. For those of you that did not know, many folks called my grams, Janey...hence Molly's middle name Jayne. :)
Molly and I went to see grams several times a month, it made my heart so happy to see the love between my grams and my sweet baby girl. The night before my grams passed, Molly and I went to see her. We knew she was not feeling well, but really did not realize how little time we had left with her. I will never forget, Molly snuggling her and bed and saying, "i love you grams....."
That love will live on, in me, my family and sweet baby Molly.