Friday, August 26, 2011


Our sweet Molly turned 3, and all i can think is where did the time go? She is such an amazing little creature. She is sooo smart, can carry on full conversations, and comprehends everything you are saying. Her verbiage is on par with many of my pre-k kids at school. She is bright, kind, loving a little sassy and full of personality. Her teacher had told me she is certain Molly will be a star, as she is the center of every room....

Joe and I are so impressed with the way she processes (ahem manipulates) but we have her card.
For her birthday we went to the "sprinkle" park, her request. We also made chocolate, vanilla and strawberry cupcakes. Again, in sprinkle theme. It was a fantastic party and we were honored to have so many friends celebrate the day with us.