Sunday, January 18, 2009

Grandpa Joe and Ms. Jackie's visit

What a wonderful weekend we had. Grandpa Joe and Ms. Jackie came for their first visit with Molly.

On Friday, we all went to Grand Street Cafe for our anniversary dinner. Here's Molly in her portable high chair for the first time. Thanks to Tammy, Ed & Madelyn.

On Saturday, Molly starred in first short film. She had a non-speaking role. We think it was good casting, since she is short and doesn't speak. :~)

Grandpa Joe gave Molly lots of great advice!

On Sunday, we all went to the Big Biscuit for a farewell breakfast before the folks caught their plane home. We were glad to have the opportunity for pictures and breakfast together.

This cute little chunky monkey outfit was given to Molly from Priscilla & Phil. They sure know a chunky monkey when they see one!
Molly had just rolled over in this next picture.
Oh....she sat up by herself for the first time this weekend. It was only for a few seconds, but she is definitely mastering this skill.

Sunday afternoon....the weekend wore Molly out. Here she is having a snooze with Grandma.