Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New Year!

2009 has started out wonderfully. Molly is doing great and avoiding illness. Her bottom teeth are really giving her (and me) fits. She's drooling and chomping. Hopefully they will pop thru soon.

Isn't this a sweet picture of Molly sleeping. I haven't been able to capture many of these shots. Guess I sleep when she does!

We are very excited about the visit this week from Grandpa Joe and Ms. Jackie. Can't wait for Molly to meet them.

We celebrated January anniversaries and birthdays last night at Mom & Dad's. She and Annie are quite a pair. Isobel has become quite the hat maker and presented Grandma with a special birthday hat. Note there are 2 candles on top and they say "Let's Party". Grandma says she will wear it to Texas!