Sunday, August 16, 2009

1 year~1 week

I am amazed at Molly. She is so smart! I am sure all mama's think that, but i am very impressed with her vocabulary. She repeats so many words this week drip, drop when she is in the tub, cup, banana, gra (for grandma) jayhawk, duck and she is quite proud of herself. She just laughs and smiles. Molly has seen me with Velcro rollers and loves to put them in her hair! Here are some pictures from our last week. Isobel has been with us. Molly loves having her big cousin with her, and Isobel is so much help! We made tissue flower and took them to Great Grandma's nursing home to deliver to the residents. Molly and I also went to Barnes and Noble to spend her birthday money. Thank you again, to all who thought of our sweet little Molly on her big day. Speaking of cousins Linda and Jerome sent Molly the cutest bath fizz cupcake! We all went to mom and dads for a swim. Molly loved it, then she snuggled her papa.