Thursday, October 22, 2009

Grandma's camera

As you all know, I dropped my camera at the Plaza Art Fair. Grandma was so kind to let me borrow hers, after all I have to capture Molly and her many milestones.
Over the last 10 days so much has happened. She is so smart and growing up, too fast! Just yesterday she and grandma were looking at a book together. Grandma would ask her where something was and she would point right to it. What a smartie! She can also identify eyes, ears, mouth, nose, toes and tummy, hair, hat (she loves hats) bow and calls them by name. Molly loves to "dance," i need to download a video of it. Anytime she hears music she rocks her little body. Not yet walking, but so so close! She also has been cranking out teeth, poor baby now has her bottom molars, that she loves to brush. Here are the last of the pictures from grandma's camera.