Tuesday, October 6, 2009


The plaza art fair was the end of September. We headed down on the beautiful Sunday afternoon, I pulled out my camera...and splat butter fingers! I dropped it on the lens, it is in repair. In the meantime, I have borrowed my Mom's camera, as i must capture Molly and her many adventures.
We have had some chilly mornings here, Joe is notorious for wearing a stocking cap. Molly now wants to wear a "hat," her word.
She also loves to climb on anything she can get on, it is amazing she is almost in full splits as she hikes her little leg up, then omp and she is up.
This past weekend we did the Alzheimer's walk. My Grandma Ellis had this terrible disease. We must find a cure! Molly and i bundled up for our 5k. As you can see she was carried on my back, she loved riding on my back. Funny story, i had a friend help me tie her on my back super tight so she wouldn't fall out. Great idea, but once i got to my car I realized I couldn't untie her!! Thankfully some nice folks stopped to help.