Sunday, April 11, 2010

20 months

Sweet little Molly is just growing, learning and coming into her own. She is such an amazing little creature.
Here are some of her accomplishments~
She now counts to 10, and says yeah to signify her finale... too cute
*loves to sing, Yellow submarine, Take me out to the ball game, doe a deer, twinkle twinkle, thumb kin, muffin man and patty cake.
*calls us jenny mama and joey daddy...we call her molly baby.
* really good at her alphabet, usually gets 8 or 9 letter in a row right then muddles it a bit.
*she is such a Rhea, she loves to play with her balls,(that sounds funny?!) and has a heck of an arm on her.
* loves to jump, hop and dance.

Molly really is her own person. I just love these pictures that Carina took. The one of molly walking away really captures the essence of Molly. She walks away with the dismissive and dainty hand posturing. As if to say, "Yes, I heard you. Thanks for your opinion on what we should be doing, but I'm going this way instead." That is Molly. :)