Sunday, April 11, 2010

Daddy's new job....

I am so thankful that Joe see's the value in me being a stay at home mom. We really feel like Molly is thriving, and she is *so* happy.
As you all know Joe is a public speaker, but unfortunately many collages no longer have a budget to bring him in, so Joe went and got a job.
This job seems perfect for him, the owner told Joe that if he does have a chance to speak, he can. That is awesome. Joe is working for he sales internet ads, so if you know anyone that wants to advertise let us know.
Molly is adjusting to her daddy's new job outside of the home. She really is love bug, and wants to give daddy lots of snuggles before he heads off to work. We always stand at the door and wave goodbye. Through out the day molly says, "daddy, work." Thanks daddy~