Saturday, April 24, 2010

Smartie girl

Molly is learning so much everyday....
here are some of the highlights.
* she spelt her name, this impressed the heck out of me. she grabbed the *m* block...then said "o.l.l.y" :)
* she shakes your hand and says "nice to meet you!" this is courtesy of Joe.
* forget the ladder, Molly climbs up her slide, all 5 feet of it!
*she loves singing songs and reading books. Favorites now are "wheels on the bus," complete with the moves, "twinkle, twinkle, doe a deer, and take me out to the ball game." Her favorite books are "on the day you were born, the very quite cricket and her birthday book, made by grandma. (it is VERY cool, ask to see it when you come over.)
and as always we fall more in love how is that possible? :)